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The institution aims at providing the best knowledge, skills, expertise and motivation to the students. To achieve this it is required to facilitate improved faculty performance in a variety of domains including institutional, intellectual, personal, social, and pedagogical.


The department has organized the following Faculty Development Porgrammes (FDP):

S No Title of FDP No. of Participants Sponsored Agency and Financial Support Date NBA Attainments
1 AICTE Sponsored Faculty Development program on Student Induction 175 AICTE 23rd July to 29th July 2019 PO3, PO4, PO9, PO10 PSO1
2 One Week FDP On Application and Hands on Practice in Machine Learning 73 IETE 8th to 12th January 2019 PO2,PO3,PO5,PO12, PSO1
3 Faculty Training for Student Induction Programme 150 AICTE, New Delhi. 21st 23rd June 2018 PO2,PO9,PO12,PSO1
4 Two Weeks FDP On Advances and Developments with EDA Tools in Embedded & Communication Design for Researchers 113 AICTE 11th to 23rd December 2017 PO2, PO3, PO5,PO12 PSO1, PSO2
5 Three day FDP on Emerging Topic in Computational intelligence and its Applications 45 IEEE C I Society 18th to 20th January 2017 PO2, PO3, PO5,PO12 PSO1, PSO2
6 FIVE DAYS FDP on Sensor Networks and Internet of Things 45 IEEE & IETE 29th December 2016 to 2nd January 2017 PO3, PO3, PO4,PO10 PSO1, PSO2
7 Two days FDP on Signal Processing and Communication System using MATLAB and Simulink 110 IEEE 28th&29th September, 2016 PO2, PO3, PO5,PO12 PSO1, PSO2
8 FDP on Recent Issues and Developments in Wireless and Optical Fiber Communication 45 IEEE 14th and 16th January 2016 PO3, PO4, PO7, PO9 PSO1, PSO3
9 One-Week FDP on Recent and Advanced Research work on Wireless Communication using C++ &Building TCL Scripts in NS-2/3 30 IEEE Computer Society 20th to 25thJuly, 2015 PO2, PO6, PO9,PO11 PSO1, PSO2


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