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Industrial Visits

Name of the Event No. of Participants DATE Resource Person
1 M/s Micrologics, Bangalore
118 18th September 2017 Mr. Shanth Kumar
Project Manager
M/s Micrologics, Bangalore
2 ISRO, Bengaluru
100 16th  October 2017 Mr. H L Srinivasa
ISRO, Bengaluru
3 Karnataka German Technical Training Institute (KGTTI), Bengaluru 124 31st  October
Mr. Amith
Karnataka German Technical Training Institute (KGTTI), Bengaluru
4 India Electronics Week, KTPO, White field, Bengaluru 104 9th February 2018 --
5 MGIRD, Bengaluru 116 22nd   March 2018 Muralidhar & Vikram
MGIRD, Bengaluru
6 MCF ISRO, Hassan 100 12-13th April 2018 Mr. Shashidhar G
Manager,BPE & Dy. Manager, CHSY, MCF
ISRO, Hassan
7 Traffic training & Road safety institution, Bengaluru 66 5th October 2018 Mr. Venugopla, ACP
8 KGTTI, Bengaluru 85 16th April 2019 Mr. Amith
Karnataka German Technical Training Institute (KGTTI), Bengaluru

Doordharshan Kendra mathikere, Bengaluru 30 15th Feb 2017 Niranjan ,                                           
Asst. Director, Doordharshan Kendra,
H S Suresh Kumar    Engineering Asst. Doordharshan Kendra      Bengaluru
2 Industrial visit to “Super Power Transmitter” 55 students of 6thsem+ 5 faculties. 22nd Feb 2017 R K Cholan
Deputy Director
Super power transmitting center
3 MGIRED, Bengaluru 90 22nd March 2017 Muralidhar&Vikram
4 Techno electronics & instruments, Coimbatore 96 30th Apr 2017 R. Balakrishnan
Techno Electronics& instruments

1 Industrial visit to ISRO 79 students + 5 of VI Sem E&CE 22nd February 2016 Mr. H L Srinivasa,
ISRO,Satallite Center, Bangalore- 17
2 Industrial visit to MGIRED 60 students + 1 of IV sem ‘A’ sec E&CE 22th March 2016 Mahatma Gandhi institute of Rural Energy and Development,

ISRO Industrial Visit KGTTI Industrial Visit
MGIRD Industrial Visit Micrologiscs Industrial Visit


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