Electronics and Communication
Under Graduation

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Student Details

Student Batch Details

Sno Batch No of Students
1 2018-2022 96
2 2017-2021 123
3 2016-2020 117
4 2015-2019 149

Students Awards & Achievements

Sno Batch Name of the Student Award Description Relevance / Remark
1 2017-2018 Mr. Prajwal A N Secured Second Place in Student Innovator Award2018 Karnataka
2 2017-2018 Mr. Prajwal A N Secured Second Prize in Technical Innovation program "ICT Academy student innovative award 2018"
3 2017-2018 Mr. Balu B Naidu Mr. Michael J Ms. Neha S Mr. Prem L Ms. Niveditha B C Ms. Roshini U Selected for 2nd Stage of Smart India Hackathon-2018 under the title " Augmented reality museum walk through guide"
4 2017-2018 Mr. Shashank R Mr. Sanjeevaraddi B NMr. Rakesh Y S Mr. Srikanth B S Mr. Satish R Mr. Shimron Immanuel Selected for 2nd Stage ofSmart India Hackathon-2018 under the title " Smart Drip Irrigation System"
5 2017-2018 Mr. Anjan Kumar Mr. Akshay Secured first prize in "NaviTantriks" at state level technical exhibition and completion programmed organised MGIRED, Bengaluru.
6 2016-2017 Mr. Mukesh Kumar Mr. Niraj Kumar Mr. Nawal Kishore Mr. Sai Shiva KSCST Fund of Rs. 6000/- for the Project "GPS-GSM Inland Vessel Tracking System"
7 2016-2017 Ms. Chaitra N R Mr. Naveen PN Mr. Ranjith K Mr. Vikas KSCST Fund of Rs. 6000/- for the Project "Monitoring of Highway Wind Power Parameter and Controlling Highway Light Through IoT"
8 2016-2017 Ms. Ashitha Reddy T S Ms. Hima Swetha Mr. Narasimha Mr. Nideesh R Joshi KSCST Fund of Rs. 3000/- for the Project "Artificial Intelligence Classifier to Identify Bank Frauds in Demonetization"
9 2016-2017 Ms. Raksha Uday Kumar Mr. Roopesh Ms. Sangeeta Sihmar KSCST Fund of Rs. 7000/- for the Project "Plant to Rescue Water Using Sensor Technology"
10 2016-2017 Mr. Arun Gangatkar R Mr. Akshay N Mr. Amal D Nair Mr. Anjan Kumar G Secured Second Prize in IEEE SS12 International Project Competition & Maker Fair, Virtual Track-2017
11 2016-2017 Mr. Balu B Ms. Neha Singh Mr. Michael J Mr. Kiran Secured Third Prize in National IoT Innovation Challenge 2017 by BUOYANCI and supported by IT-ITeS SSC NASSCOM
12 2015-16 Akashay Arvind Nayak Dr. SRIDHAR MEMORIAL AWARD OVERALL ACHIEVEMENTS(Technical/Non-Technical)
13 2015-2016 Mr. T Gagandeep Selected for the Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme under National Defence Fund for pursuing Higher Studies.
14 2011-12 Aniperna Sen Gupta Got 52 rank in the IEEE Global Competition in the year 2011-12

Students Placements / Higher Studies / Entrepreneur Statistics


Batch Total No of Students No of Students Placed No of Students gone for Higher Studies No of Students turned to Entrepreneur
2017-2018 85 59 6 5
2016-2017 71 47 8 3
2015-2016 82 46 10 4
2014-2015 120 31 4 4
2013-2014 114 17 16 16
2012-2013 125 16 13 13

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